January (Rambles)

Just a ramble post to clear my mind so I can start studying for midterms. (see below for my picture of the month)

January was filled with stress and anxiety as I approach my last term of University. I kept questioning what I wanted to do in May, when I graduate. I kept asking myself if I really wanted to go through with getting a diploma in Accounting, or do I want to continue on my path of Statistics. As I walk on the streets of Vancouver, I see homeless men and women with their hats flipped out, and asking for money. I can’t help but wonder would that be me someday. People say just apply to things and things will start working out. But if I don’t have a goal or a target, how do I know if my current path is the right path. How do I know I’m not wasting more time. There are no answers to those. But, these thought made me more and more anxious about my future. I hope I can find out some answers in the upcoming months.

But even though its been hard, I’m going to try to keep my head held high and continue to walk with a smile.

Picture of the Month: : Just Smile



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