Life Thoughts


I may have made a boo boo at work today. Who knows. I’ll find out tomorrow. I hope it won’t affect me too much (aka. get me fired). But what done is done.  We all make mistakes. Some big. Some small. But the most important thing is to not dwell on it, and find ways to minimize the damage and be able to move on.


Ohana : Family

As we all have an immediate family, we always have people we consider family as well. We call them our second family. And most likely, these ‘family members’ are people who has seen you through tough times, people who you open up to, or people you just see basically everyday. Nonetheless, they are people who have made a significant mark on your life.

My second family consists of my teammates. I call them my Thunder Family. This family has taught me things that I would never have learned anywhere else.

Heres a little poem of what they taught me:

Team. Theres no “I” in team, only “we”.

Humble. Stay hungry when you’re behind, but be humble if you’re ahead.

Unconditional care. To always care for yourself and others, whether they are a stranger or a friend.

Never give up. As you are counting on your team mates to not give up, they are expecting the same from you.

Discipline. To stay disciplined when it comes to training if we want to reach our goal.

Endurance. Endure through the pain, the tiredness because it will pay off.

Reach higher and be ambitious

UBC Thunder is more than just a team to me. They are my ever growing family. My Ohana.