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Quote for the month :

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. Thats why we call it the Present.”

~A.A. Milne


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Daily Prompts · Life Thoughts


Daily prompt triggered a random hair thought.

My natural hair colour is black. I started dying my hair back in 2013 with a box dye. I went from black to red – brown, which at the time was more red that faded into brown. And ever since then, my hair was always tinted brown or dyed brown with another colour mixed in. After a random conversation with a friend, I wonder what I would look like with black hair. Hmmm maybe instead of getting root touch ups, I’ll just chop off the dyed bits and keep my hair black.

What’s your natural hair colour?

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Cheers 🙂


Daily Prompts


Eggs are probably the easiest and most versatile food/produce to make and use. Think about it . You can have scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, sunny side up, etc.. My favourites are definitely onsen eggs and ramen eggs 🙂 You can have eggs in hollandaise sauce for eggs benny, or omurice or a good ol omelette. EGGS ARE VERSATILE.

How do you like your eggs 🙂

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(PS. Potatoes are versatile too !)

Daily Prompts · Life Thoughts


Im not sure where I’m going with this prompt post. But here goes nothing :).

As we get older, we are less willing to take moves that are considered risky to society.  We like to stay comfortable . But when we see someone taking that risky move, no matter how big the risk is, we immediately ask if they have gone crazy!

Risk also comes with rewards. Depending on the situation, the reward may be a little different . For example, the spontaneous move to start anew in a different city, or even country, is a crazy idea. Risky because it means leaving everything behind to start new again. For sure ,that’s something everyone will ask if the person has lost their mind . But the reward , to me at least,  is this is a chance to explore a new place and a new culture, to be exposed to different experiences, but also to learn more about one self .

I guess what I’m trying to say is: maybe we should start supporting and applauding those who take risks. They probably have put a lot of thought into it before making that risky move.

There’s risk to everything we do. So why not take that chance? Life is too short to not take any risks 🙂


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Daily Prompts · The Paddling Life


I started playing badminton again lately. I would get tired very easily. My friend would always say “how? you dragon boat. You should be super athletic.” Considering, the amount of training I did for the past two years, its understandable to think I would be. But little do they know, that we paddlers are NOT the most athletic people.

Cheers and later days 🙂