Daily Prompts


I wasn’t going to post on it , but a thought just came 🙂

The word partner can be associated with many things like: Partner in crime (not illegal ones), Partner in a team, Partner in a game, or the more obvious one, a partner in a romantic relationship .

I think in each meaning theres one common thing – Partnership requires a certain amount of effort, trust and communication.

For me, I think part of how a partnership works is recognizing that each individual in the duo/trio/group will continuously grow. And all sides have to know that. And of course to encourage this growth . I think it as : growing stronger not just for the relationship but also for yourself. If we don’t see or realize that people grow, we may not recognize each other and things start to go down hill.

I guess I’m trying to say is that, take some time to stop and get to know your partner(s) of any type a little more 🙂