Daily Prompts


The major question I ask myself when it comes to shopping in the winter/autumn: ” Do I want to be fashionable or do I want to be warm?” But every now and then, I’ll find a piece that is fashionable and will keep me warm ❤


Daily Prompts · The Paddling Life


I started playing badminton again lately. I would get tired very easily. My friend would always say “how? you dragon boat. You should be super athletic.” Considering, the amount of training I did for the past two years, its understandable to think I would be. But little do they know, that we paddlers are NOT the most athletic people.

Cheers and later days 🙂


Daily Prompts


There are prices on ALMOST everything. The food we eat, the clothes we wear. But sometimes its worth paying the prices we pay.  For example, travelling is a huge price money wise. But its sometimes worth it. Because what you gain is worth so much more than what you paid. You gain memories, experiences, and possibly friendships. There isn’t a price for these gains. These gains are priceless